Below please find singular Zuni work for sale. These pieces  have been donated to The Keshi Foundation by collectors and Zuni artists to benefit the Zuni People.

Also on this page, you'll find items related to the 2017 edition of the Zuni Show. Mementos of the show provide additional revenue for the Foundation's projects.

When you click on an image below, you'll see larger images and different views of the piece. Clicking on one of those images will provide an enlargement. In rare cases of tall images, please continue to the final enlargement.


You can donate artwork:

If you have Zuni treasures that you would like to donate to the Foundation, please call us to discuss your collection, large or small. You may receive a tax deduction for this donation.

Call Robin Dunlap at 505.660.0981 or

 E'lah'kwa.  (thank you in Zuni)