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Robin Dunlap lived in Zuni Pueblo as a teacher and was one of the founding members of the cooperative, Keshi, Inc., formed in 1981.
As the owner of Keshi, Robin has been involved in promoting Zuni artists for 35 years and has developed a close and meaningful connection with the Zuni people.


Craig Haneke, a native Kansan, was captivated by the Southwest as a teenager because of frequent family trips to that region.  With these repeated visits, he became more and more fascinated with the Native American cultures, especially the Zuni. Coming from a long line of teachers, he soon decided that his career would combine these two passions and sought a job teaching Native American students which brought him to Zuni in 1980.

Soon after arriving in Zuni as a teacher for learning disabled elementary school students, he, along with other teachers realized the inequity Zuni artists were experiencing when selling their work to traders. With the help of community members and teachers, it was decided to establish a cooperative in Santa Fe, to benefit Zuni jewelers and artists and provide a shop for the public to purchase quality Zuni work at reasonable prices.

It soon became apparent that he become the manager of the cooperative, so he decided to remain the teacher. Retiring from teaching in 2002, he now resides in his hometown, but makes frequent visits to his beloved Southwest and to his friends and family that remain in Zuni and to satisfy his insatiable cravings for red and green chile.


Bronwyn Fox spent several formative years living in Zuni Pueblo, which she considers the most life-defining of all her experiences. She is currently the owner/chief steward of Keshi, the Zuni Connection, a gallery in downtown Santa Fe which was founded in 1981 as a co-operative by Zuni artists and schoolteachers, a group which included Bronwyn's mother, Robin Dunlap.

Keshi's mission is one grounded in the principles of Fair Trade. Bronwyn considers herself most fortunate to work with that for which she has a passion-authentic and beautiful Native American art.



Linda Off has a lifelong interest in the southwest and a lifetime career asissting and guiding non-profits.