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Robin Dunlap lived in Zuni Pueblo as a teacher and was one of the founding members of the cooperative, Keshi, Inc., formed in 1981.
As the owner of Keshi, Robin has been involved in promoting Zuni artists for 37 years and has developed a close and meaningful connection with the Zuni people.


Scott Nadler Scott Nadler is Principal and Founder of Nadler Strategy LLC, based in Santa Fe NM. Scott has over 40 years’ experience with a wide range of economic development, sustainability and business activities. His experience includes working with government, for-profit firms (including private equity), non-profit organizations, and impact investment. He recently served as Program Director with the US Business Council for Sustainable Development.  Scott has also taught at Northwestern University in both undergraduate and MBA programs. His blog on “Practical, sustainable strategy” can be found at http://nadlerstrategy.com/ .


Bronwyn Fox spent several formative years living in Zuni Pueblo, which she considers the most life-defining of all her experiences. She is currently the owner/chief steward of Keshi, the Zuni Connection, a gallery in downtown Santa Fe which was founded in 1981 as a co-operative by Zuni artists and schoolteachers, a group which included Bronwyn's mother, Robin Dunlap.

Keshi's mission is one grounded in the principles of Fair Trade. Bronwyn considers herself most fortunate to work with that for which she has a passion-authentic and beautiful Native American art.


Kirby Gchachu  Born into the Turkey clan and child of the Badger clan. Kirby is a VietNam veteran and proud of his service in the U.S. Army. His Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in education from the University of NM led to an incredibly rewarding teaching opportunities.  His cultural knowledge plays a significant role in teaching the children of Zuni Pueblo. Cultural knowledge provides key teaching concepts inspiring students to create their own understanding of self. He served as the cultural consultant to NASA and NSTA (National Science Teachers Assoc.) as their cultural resource for five years. He now serves as resource for curriculum development and designing indigenous educational workshops, serves as resource for Solstice Project of Santa Fe. His current research is to develop curricula related to Indigenous Astronomy of the Southwest. Kirby explores every possible means to incorporate traditional indigenous science and mathematical knowledge into presentations.

Peter Kahn has a decades long career as an entrepreneur, award winning graphic designer and photographer, retailer, Realtor and non-profit executive director. Always seeking to better understand the human condition, he habitually studies many things, and looks for ways to analyze, synthesize and apply appropriate solutions where needed.


Barbara Shelton is a retired attorney with almost 30 years’ experience in the insurance, non-profit and healthcare industries. Her experience includes managing multi-million dollar lawsuits for insurance companies (both nationally and internationally) and creating and setting up NGOs for an international non-profit corporation. Prior to her retirement, she was a corporate healthcare attorney for a large healthcare organization. Her undergraduate degree is in Elementary Education and she taught school for three years before going to law school. As a result, she strongly believes that education, no matter how it is earned, is powerful.