Miss Zuni surrounded by some of the artists at the Zuni Show 2016 on the steps of the Scottish Rite Temple

Early comers to the Zuni Show

Dancing Maiden

The Olla Maidens model pottery by Tim Edaakie and Bobby Silas.

Shiwi girl watching the dancers.

Brian and Della Yatsattie at their table.

Clive Hustito securing an offering bundle to a carved mountain lion.

Edmund Cooyeate selling his jewelry.

Zuni Supai Dancer

Zuni Supai Dancer

Maegan Shetima, young Zuni fetish carver

Milford Nahohai and Bronwyn Fox, owner of Keshi, the Zuni Connection


The Zuni Show 2017 is coming!

August 19 - 20, Saturday and Sunday, starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Scottish Rite Temple, 463 Paseo de Peralta, downtown Santa Fe

Zuni Show - Santa Fe - ShiwiSun Production Promo

Building on last year's successful inaugural Zuni Show, the 2017 version promises to be even more exciting. The number of artists has grown to 153 from last year's 105. To accomplish this, we've taken part of the adjacent Montezuma Lodge parking lot for the additional exhibit spaces. In that same area there will be a food truck and a large tent with seating for your comfort.

Last year, the six Zuni dance groups limited their performance venue to the inner courtyard of the Scottish Rite Temple. This year they will perform at two additional sites near the Scottish Rite Temple: the above mentioned Montezuma Lodge space and the park at the Federal District Court immediately across Paseo de Peralta.

There will be more information here shortly and the button below will take you to the list of artists for this year's show.

In our continuing effort to educate people, we'll have a large panel at the Zuni Show titled: "what makes a fetish necklace authentic and collectible? It's Zuni! here's an online copy for you:

Robert Cachini Jr.: Knifewing, guardian of the Zuni Pueblo. This piece has been selected as the theme of the 2017 Zuni Show.

Robert Cachini Jr.: Knifewing, guardian of the Zuni Pueblo. This piece has been selected as the theme of the 2017 Zuni Show.

Highlights of the 2016 show :

* Artists’ sales were estimated to be in the $250,000 range for the two day show.

Tim Edaakie and Bobby Silas display their fine pottery.

* The Daniel Pedro fashion show resulted in a call for a design from a Santa Fean who has an appointment at the White House and others at the Smithsonian.

* It was announced that The Randy Nahohai Memorial Pot was officially accepted by the School of Advanced Research for their permanent collection. 

Michael Brown, President of SAR discusses the Randy Nahohai commemorative pot with Milford Nahohai.

"Just a note to tell you how wonderful the Zuni Show was!! I especially enjoyed the cultural material you organized! It was great to see the movies, dancers, printed material from the tribe. All contributed to a cultural event- not just a shopping venue! I think the vendors and families really enjoyed themselves too! Congratulations on a great success!!"   Eslee Kessler, NM

Zuni Pueblo Governor Val Panteah addressing the crowd in the courtyard.

 In contrast to other venues showcasing indigenous art, the Zuni Show presented educational information through banners that highlighted various aspects of the Zuni culture, language, and life-way. Ethnographic films from 1924 were screened continually in the auditorium of the Scottish Rite facility presenting a look into Zuni’s past. The Keshi Foundation held meetings in Zuni Pueblo to inform the exhibitors as to what is required when participating in a show as well as to assist them in opening bank accounts in order to receive credit cards at the show.

This year the Zuni Pueblo Tribal Council has officially endorsed The Zuni Show 2017 and has contributed to the funds we need to produce the Zuni Show again.

“...I wanted to let you know how amazing the show was and what a wonderful thing you’ve done for so many people… I was happy to have a tiny, little part in it!” Anthony Pilny, NY

The courtyard was the scene of singing and dancing performances through both days with six dance groups participating. A late afternoon downpour created a serendipitous event (a blessing) on Sunday moving the final dance to the Hall of Honor where the artists were finishing their sales activity for the show.  Singing and dancing erupted in the back of the hall and the power of the drums and singing voices were amplified by the contained space. Meanwhile, the artists were meeting the public, showing their wonderful work and enjoying all the proceeds from their sales. Many artists sold out and many more proclaimed their intent to be part of the 2017 Zuni Show.

“... I believe that this show will have far more reach beyond that weekend, and provide so much benefit to the Zuni people. The artists were so wonderful and grateful, and really all very sweet…and the vibes I got from being there were amazing…so much more than just 'selling stuff'!"
Sue Urbinati, CT.

Nancy and Sheldon Westika

There was a family feel to the event with families and friends of exhibitors helping at the selling tables, their children ever present,  watching the dancers in the courtyard with concentrated interest and all else that was going on. Communication among the artists was friendly and warm; neighbors getting together. Many of the artists expressed their thanks to The Keshi Foundation for the effort that went into the Zuni Show and in some cases, statements that no one had ever done something like this. The enthusiastic participation of the Zuni People, including the Zuni Tribal Council, made it the huge success that it was.

"Good morning! Elahkwa we appreciate it very much for what you had pulled together for us this past weekend. It was a great turn out. Our sales were a big success!! Thanks again from Calvert & Calbert Bowannie. I myself enjoyed meeting the buyers from all other states as well as local buyers who buy from your store. We received orders. It was an exciting event. I’ll do it all over again!!!! Have yourselves a wonderful day!"
Calvert & Calbert Bowannie, Zuni Pueblo

Jesse Johnson (petit point jeweler) was the first to sell out.

The artists also expressed their thanks by donating artwork to the Keshi Foundation for sale on the foundation’s website and these can be seen here.

"Just wanted to thank you for a great experience at the Zuni Show Saturday! I had the best time...loved the people, dances...everything. I will do this again in a heart beat!"
J. Montano, Santa Fe

The Keshi Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It is a public charity. Contributions to the Keshi Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. The Keshi Foundation's tax identification number is 81-1281019.

The Keshi Foundation provides pathways to benefit the People of the Zuni Pueblo through their arts and education. The Zuni Show: Art of the Zuni Pueblo is being sponsored by the Keshi Foundation. 


For additional information or to volunteer, please contact Robin Dunlap at RobinDunlap108@gmail.com or call 505.660.0981.