Knifewing Sculpture by Robert Cachini Jr.

Old Knifewing Bracelet courtesy of Rainbowman, Santa Fe

Old Knifewing Bracelet courtesy of Rainbowman, Santa Fe

Young Zuni Dancer etphoto

Young Zuni Dancer etphoto

The Zuni Show Scheduled for August 19th and 20th, 2017 Experience Zuni Culture through Art, Education, Music and Dance  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—May 8, 2017 (Santa Fe, NM): After a highly memorable and well-attended first show in 2016, the Keshi Foundation presents the 2nd Annual Zuni Show on Indian Market Weekend, August 19 and 20, 2017. The inaugural show was voted one of the “top ten native art events in the western hemisphere” by the readers of First American Art Magazine.

The show takes place at the Scottish Rite Temple, 463 Paseo de Peralta, in Santa Fe, NM, from 9am to 6pm on Saturday, and from 9am to 4pm on Sunday. The Zuni Show, free to the public, features more than 100 Zuni jewelers, carvers, and potters, presenting Zuni culture through art, educational materials, and performances of traditional singing and dancing. Buyers of Zuni artwork have the opportunity to purchase directly from the artists and to learn about how they make their work. All proceeds from the Zuni Show benefit the artists directly.

The ancestors of the Zuni people have lived in the American Southwest for thousands of years. Zuni Pueblo is the largest pueblo in both population and geographic size. Their cultural and religious traditions are rooted in their ties to the mountains, rivers, forests, and deserts, evolving to an agricultural lifestyle; these traditions are expressed through their art. The pueblo has remained relatively isolated, given its location in western New Mexico, which has helped to preserve their unique language and culture.
“This show is meant to be a genuine experience, an introduction to the Zuni World and a way to connect with Zuni people,” said Robin Dunlap, the show’s organizer and the president of the board of the Keshi Foundation. “In addition to the artwork for sale, we also had Zuni Dance Groups, Olla Maidens, educational panels, and1923 Smithsonian films of traditional Zuni lifeways. Last year’s show, from the enthusiastic attendance to the artists’ sales, was a success, and we hope to repeat that this year,” she said.

For this year’s show, Knifewing, pictured left, was selected as the iconic image for the show. It is a beloved and benevolent guardian of the Zuni Pueblo. It is not a sacred religious figure, although a much beloved and honored one. It is believed to help the Zuni People by flapping his wings, which sends blessings to those beneath him. Religious Zuni elders and the Zuni Tribal Council are proud to have Knifewing represented at The Zuni Show.

Zunis are known for their meticulous attention to detail in their stone inlay and petit point jewelry. Using only natural turquoise, all the silver work is hand wrought and all stones are shaped by hand. Sought after stone, shell, or antler Zuni animal carvings, known as fetishes, honor the intrinsic qualities of the specific animal represented and the carvers are all related to identifiable carving families. Zuni pottery is unique among all pueblo people and its style is readily identifiable, with the deer with a heartline, being one prevalent theme.

WHO:  The Keshi Foundation presents the 2017 Zuni Show.

WHAT: The Zuni Show will present over 100 exhibitors, informational materials, traditional food, and Zuni singing and dancing. All proceeds benefit the artists.

WHEN:     Saturday and Sunday, August 19 and 20, 2017     

Saturday: All events and Sales will be held from 9am-6pm            Sunday:  All events and Sales will be held from 9am-4pm

WHERE:  Scottish Rite Temple, 463 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe, NM

COST:     This is a free event to the public.  

The Keshi Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization is an outgrowth of Keshi, The Zuni Connection, which has been a direct retail  outlet for Zuni Pueblo artwork since 1981. The Keshi Foundation provides ways to benefit the Zuni People through art and education.

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